Independent Status Reports (12 July, 2004)

There have been many exciting recent developments in the Mozilla Community, that affect extension authors and end-users alike. These include:

  1. New Releases — Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 0.9, Thunderbird 0.7 and Camino 0.8.
  2. Web plugin alliance between Mozilla and other major technology groups.
  3. New Extension and Theme managers in Firefox and Thunderbird.
  4. Launch of At, we feel that this will be a valuable service that will compliment the services that we provide for extension authors, and will provide a solid way for users to manage their extensions and themes.

So now more than ever is the perfect time to switch to Mozilla, to write your extension, and to invest in Mozilla technologies.

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, go here, or have any feedback on the structure of the reports in general, feel free to contact us.

Previous Reports

deskCut — 0.4.0

(Desktop shortcuts in Linux and Windows)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux

Updated installer to new API; Firefox 0.9 compatible

Launchy — v2.8.0

(Open links with external programs like Internet Explorer, Opera)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Notable Highlights

  • Added Mozilla Firefox 0.9 installation support
  • Many small fixes

Dictionarysearch — v0.6

(Looks up words in an online dictionary)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Added support for Firefox 0.9 and translations for German and French.

Citations — v0.1.7

(Tools to bookmark quotings and other)

  • For: Mozilla, Firefox
  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Citations now works. It allows to select a text in a Web page and to right-click to save it in a RDF local database together with the URL and the author. It is like a bookmark aimed at "quotings" and special phrases one wants to keep for future reference.

Mnenhy — v0.6

(MailNews-Enhancements and more for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox)

New Highlights

  • Mnenhy returns the sidebar to MailNews!
  • Mnenhy now provides the ability to use folder dependent thread pane column sets! It's now possible to e.g. see certain columns for News only. As an alternative, the dependent storage can be limited to accounts instead of folders.


  • Custom mail/news header configuration for Mozilla and Thunderbird. Yes, with clickable references! ;-)
  • Text encoders and decoders like ROT-13, Unicode converters or Kenny for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox.
  • Chrome Manager for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox: Move, deactivate or deinstall addons and extensions!
  • Registry Viewer for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox: View the contents of Mozilla registry files like mozver.dat or registry.dat.

Previous Reports

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