Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 14th June 2004

Present: gerv, bienvenu, bart, blizzard, asa, dbaron, leaf, chofmann, mscott, jst, myk, ben.

Mozilla 1.7 final

  • One security bug and perhaps a couple of tag-alongs.
  • Aiming for a release on Wednesday

Firefox 0.9

  • Holding Firefox for the same security issue
  • We are merging all fixes from 1.7 to Aviary regularly
  • Hope to ship tonight

Thunderbird 0.7

  • 1st set of test builds were released on Friday
  • RC builds tonight, hopefully - one last bug on Windows static builds
  • The new rackmounts have the wrong glibc (too new) — they are used for nightly build of the branch, so we can't ship those
  • Release could be as early as Wednesday
  • Trying to make the 0.9/1.7 train after all
  • May need to push out the CD schedule a day or so because of the delay


  • Rafael Ebron contracted to help with Firefox 1.0


  • We now have 8 in the US and 3 in Europe
  • They are on separate DNS round-robins — so we will provide separate links

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