Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 7th June 2004

Present: gerv, mscott, bienvenu, bart, chofmann, dbaron, asa, ben, mitchell, jst, leaf, scc.

Mozilla 1.7 final

  • Tomorrow morning's build should be RC3
  • It will also be final unless we find anything catastrophic and new
  • Still need to have l10n phone conference
  • Policy on what can be changed by l10n — .dtd and .properties and credits.html only

Firefox 0.9

  • Almost ready; release candidate tomorrow or Wednesday
  • Looking at a release next Monday

Thunderbird 0.7

  • Release will not be at the same time as Firefox 0.9
  • OS X builds of branch only arrived on Friday
  • Linux ones not there yet
  • Taking so long because we are trying to do it on new equipment
  • Server version of Windows caused problems; reinstalled with regular Win2K
  • No slip; it's just making a release is a big effort

CVS over SSH

  • Intermittent problem with connections; gone away now
  • Ready for people to try using, if they've had an "account processed" email from leaf

MPL translations

  • As long as it's got a disclaimer notice, it's OK

Merchandise status

  • Now have a reasonable selection of good quality
  • Firefox merchandise is outselling Mozilla merchandise
  • Steve Garrity is redesigning most of the store (a couple of weeks out)
  • Going to try and do something about stickers

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