Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 24th May 2004

Present: mitchell, gerv, scc, leaf, asa, chofmann, mscott, myk, ben, jst, brendan.

Mozilla 1.7 final

  • 14 bugs on the blocker list; a few are trackers or have patches
  • Fixed 4-5 good topcrashers in last 10-15 days
  • There's a Java crasher which is fixed in JRE 1.5 (not out for a few months, unfortunately)
  • Didn't get RC3 out last week; busy with trunk release and outstanding bugs
  • Shooting for tomorrow — as close to final bits as possible
  • Only asa and chofmann have been driving (in the sense of chasing down resources and nomination triage) in this cycle — short of manpower

Firefox 0.9

  • Firefox branch tinderbox finally turned green last night
  • No automated nightly builds or Tinderboxes for AVIARY_1.0 yet
  • 10 bugs left; take about a week to fix
  • Release at the end of the 1st week of June
  • Asa has update to the primary Mozilla roadmap chart and table

CVS over SSH

  • Leaf has the active CVS account list, and has drafted a message about how to use it
  • Now struggling with a very large BCC list that Thunderbird finds tough
  • That mail is going out today, hopefully
  • More concerned about stolen accounts than CVS security holes

Trademark policy document

  • Issues surrounding e.g. someone embedding IE in Firefox, which we don't want to use our mark
  • So we have to generate a list of potential customisations, and think about them
  • Thinking whitelist rather than blacklist

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