Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 17th May 2004

Present: mitchell, gerv, chofmann, ben, mscott, asa, jst, myk, leaf, bart.

Mozilla 1.7 final

  • RC2 wrapped up last Friday, but held off until this morning due to a Talkback issues
  • Looking for an RC3 (which should become final) in the next 10 days or so
  • Buglist of 20 items, half have good traction or patches
  • We now have Mac talkback; hope that'll reveal anything lurking there
  • No surprises so far from RC2 feedback

Firefox 0.9

  • Almost done with extension manager
  • Cut a branch for aviary (FB/TB) from 1.7 branch at the weekend
  • Still looking at end of 1st week of June for 0.9


  • Looking at June 7th for CD of 1.7 final + languages, Firefox 0.9 and Thunderbird 0.7 or perhaps 0.6
  • Might even get Bugzilla 2.18...

Thunderbird 0.7

  • Trying to hit the next Firefox release, in order to pick up Talkback support
  • Feature work: global POP inbox, UI for multiple identities
  • Roadmap update this week (hopefully) to incorporate new ideas

Camino 0.8

  • Beta release any day now
  • Asa to work with pinkerton to get it pushed and promoted


  • We've been asked about incorporating this in our tree, as it is based on Mozilla Composer
  • Asa's doing the first piece of work on this
  • "Project" or "product"? Lots of resources needed to make a product...
  • No-one's stepped up to offer QA/promotion resource, so start it as a project
  • People who are using the suite use Composer; so we need a story

Bugzilla Reorganisation

  • Additional complexities discovered; it's been postponed
  • Afraid about sacrifice of usability in favour of perfect organisation
  • Asa's got more work to do

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