Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 10th May 2004

Present: dbaron, mitchell, ben, chofmann, jst, scc, gerv, bienvenu, myk, blizzard.

Mozilla 1.7 RC2

  • Shooting for an RC2 this week.
  • Long pole is talkback on the Mac (most important thing)
  • Asa and chofmann have been triaging
  • 25-30 blockers, 7-10 have progress or a patch
  • RC3 end of next week, which we would want to call final.
  • Need to sync up with l10n folks; RC2 means we are done taking string changes
  • The CD plan is still to be figured out in the next week
    • Probably including Thunderbird 0.6
    • Not sure whether we want to update Firefox

Firefox 0.9

  • 1 more week for extension manager
  • Triaging 1.0 nominations
  • Heading for a release in the 1st week of June
  • Hoping to get it onto the CD, but need to figure out if that'll happen

Thunderbird 0.6 feedback

  • Feedback good
  • Biggest item was universal inbox for POP; bienvenu working on it

Trademark policy document

  • Gerv wants to put it out soon for public comment
  • Mitchell needs to give feedback

Bugzilla reorg

  • Scheduled for Wednesday
  • All done on the backend, so no bugmail

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