Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 3rd May 2004

Present: asa, bart, ben, chofmann, dbaron, jst, leaf, mitchell, mscott, scc.

Mozilla 1.7

  • On track for release candidate 2 end of this week
  • Bug triaging and fixing going according to schedule

Mozilla 1.4.2

  • Binaries released


  • 0.6 shipped!


  • Ben hammering Install/uninstall
  • Themes/Locales support not implemented yet
  • Extensions still getting tested.
  • Still need a "disable all" kill switch (not just themes - any addon).
  • Software updater almost ready for testing (two to three weeks)
  • Accepting bug nominations for 0.9 blockers

Newsgroup Admin

  • Asa to get back to Fantasai
  • Gerv to talk to one or two of the news admin candidates.

Greece Software Conference

  • Speakers from KDE,, FSF, (scc)
  • scc gave a talk about "how to contribute to"
  • Talks given specifically to software engineering students

Trademark Policies

  • Draft written up, needs review (line item and substantive)

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