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Communicator 4.5PR2 is Out!

by JASON KERSEY | Communicator 4.5b2 is out, and yes, IE integration features are there -- although only present at setup, not in prefs. This install makes Communicator look a whole lot like IE - it adds its own buttons to any toolbars you have on the Start menu, it adds a SmartUpdate bookmark on the Start menu in the same place win98 users find a WindowsUpdate bookmark, and it will change your default search service in IE if you tell it too. The actual browser has made good improvements, check out the prefs box for major cool things, like changing how the frames are arranged in messenger. Status bar items have been changed, with the online/offline button being moved next to the padlock in the far left and the Messege Center button is back on the docked toolbar and it is Customizable!

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