Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 19th April 2004

Present: bienvenu, gerv, bart, asa, dbaron, myk, ben, mscott, jst, leaf.

Mozilla 1.7 final

  • Release candidate shooting for tomorrow or Wed
  • We need to land a few biggish changes we want to take on the 1.7 branch first
    • Changes to prevent URL bar spoofing/phishing
    • Find in textareas
    • FTP upload
  • These all landed on trunk last week
  • As soon as these are in, off we go
  • We've scheduled plenty of time on the branch for 1.7.

Firefox 0.9

  • Ben has been "wasting time with web services" for the update mechanism
  • He'll hopefully have something this week
  • He has made a list of 1.0 targets, assigned tentative owners to them
  • Now needs to persuade said owners :-)
  • "Profile components" needs to be in for 0.9 (allows install of extensions per-profile)
  • Also xpinstall changes (dveditz)

Thunderbird 0.6

  • New branding artwork lands today on the branch first.
  • 0.6 branch cut after 1.7rc1, land 0.6 stuff on that
  • Talkback needs to be hooked up

DevMo progress

  • We have a test CVS repository, a basic build process and a basic template
  • The build process uses the Template Toolkit
  • Fantasai has been writing up docs about how to write docs
  • Myk has been enhancing doctor to enable wysiwyg editing mode
  • Also a way to mail a patch to a mailing list

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