Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 5th April 2004

[Note: there was no staff meeting on 2004-04-12 due to Easter.]

Present: bart, leaf, blizzard, chofmann, mitchell, myk, dbaron, scc, gerv, ben.

Mozilla 1.7 final

  • This will be the new stable branch
  • Still talking 6/7 weeks and a couple of release candidates
  • People are upset that the announcement wasn't made earlier
  • That is, we didn't make official-sounding announcements in all the right places
  • We are apologising, and committing to doing better in the future
  • Need to split the roadmap into two parts — soon and future — and get the "soon" part out there [Correction from Mitchell Baker: Not quite. I said that the roadmap had already been organized this way, we had the place to put the 1.7 info earlier, we just didn't do it.]
  • We need to find a good balance between doing the basic research and thinking, and communicating those things that have enough cohesion to be beyond the squishy stage.

Firefox 0.9

  • Extension Manager UI is now working
  • For the server side, Ben is writing a Java web service based on Tomcat, with MySQL back end
  • DNS name will be
  • Software update — notifications only — is on the plan for 1.0
  • blake is working on an ActiveX control which runs in IE, to download and install Firefox more smoothly

Thunderbird 0.6

  • Pinstripe has landed; that was the last 0.6 feature
  • 12-15 bugs on the list


  • Still a very long term plan
  • This is really a post-Firefox-1.0 thing

Matters arising from the board meeting

  • Mozilla Foundation matters
  • Mitchell focused on management cohesion of the Foundation

Reorganising the newsgroup names

  • Still running on Netscape's news server
  • There has always been a plan to move to our own hardware
  • But this requires resources we don't have right now
  • Need an experienced newsgroup admin to set them up on our new hardware


  • Trademark policy document in the works


  • Looking at current support options — improvement, higher visibility
  • Google Answers?

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