Quality Feeback Agent (Talkback) Crash Reports Available for Public Viewing

Thanks to Jay's hard work, we now have a publically available talkback look-up tool.

The new tool is located at From this page you can look up individual talkback reports. The reports contain the stack signature, product and build IDs, the time of the crash, the platform and OS, the code module, the user-entered URL and user comments, the trigger reason, trigger line number, and stack trace for the crash.

The stack lines in the stack trace are each linked to a bugzilla query for existing bug reports with that class and function in the comments. This makes it easy to discover if your crasher is already reported. Just look up your talkback ID, click the top line of the stack trace and have a look at the resulting bug list to see if one of those reports matches your crasher.

In addition to the individual incident ID look-ups, you can also view our talkback "smart analysis" reports from that same page. These reports give some aggregate information and include our current list of topcrashes.

With the good news of this long-awaited triage tool comes some bad news that we lost a large number of previous crash reports because of some database problems we were having. So if you go to look up your incident from a week or two ago and don't get a report, that's the reason. Try crashing again and get a newer incident :-)

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