Independent Status Reports (International Special Edition)

Here are updates from just some of the many international projects active in the Mozilla community. For more projects, refer to the Language category in the mozdev project listings.

Note: If you have any feedback on this report, feel free to contact us.

April is International Month!


(Software to help in Mozilla based apps L10N)

L10Nzilla is web based tool to aid in creating and maintaining localisations of Mozilla based applications. It is a combination of a MySQL database for storing translations with a PHP based front end for editing and a Java based command line program for importing/exporting translations and generating JAR files for inclusion in the language packs.

Notable Highlights

  • stores translations from many Mozilla/XUL applications and/or versions
  • stores translations from many languages
  • supports web based translation by many translators
  • translates JAR files based on translations stored in database
  • imports/exports translations as HTML
  • imports/exports translations as PO files (alpha code)
  • maintains statistics on translations
  • can store quality of each translation
  • supports UTF-8
  • localisable PHP front end

Please get in touch if you would like to use L10NZilla in your Mozilla apps localisation.

Mycroft — 1100+ Search Plug-ins

(Search plug-ins for Mozilla and Firefox)

We are providing over 1100 search plug-ins, in a total of 34 languages covering 51 countries. Last month, we've processed over 100 requests and received over 100 contributions.

How you could help

  • Users: tell us when you notice a plug-in isn't working any more
  • Developers: help us answer the requests and stick to the guidelines when submitting your contributions
  • Localizers: get in touch with us. We can tell you what plug-ins are popular for your country. This way, you can ship a localized version of Mozilla or Firefox with a set of useful search plug-ins.

"kairo" project

(Robert Kaiser's collected works)

The "kairo" project at mozdev is mainly for collectiong smaller pieces of work done by me. Currently, the slides of my talks about L10n topics at FOSDEM 2002-2004 are up there.

I plan to eventually add some scripts for XPI packaging and installing in the future, raw versions of those scripts (as I use them for providing Mozilla German XPIs) are available at my Mozilla L10n resources site (scripts/ and xpi/ directories), but I want to add OSS licenses, overhaul the scripts and comment their use before moving them to mozdev.

Other L10n Actions

  • I want to get adding localizations into CVS (bug 57878) in motion. I think we'd need to check in some additional things along with the bare locale files (e.g. localization files for installers, install scripts, etc.), and I'm currently tying to get a model for a directory structure that can fit our needs. I'm open for proposals.
  • I keep talking with Mozilla Europe people about ways in that they can help the L10n community, esp. in Europe. If anybody else has ideas how they can help, please contact them or me.
  • Currently, there are some discussions ongoing if we should rename or merge platform-specific and region files in laguage packs (bug 102509 and bug 180508), I'd like to get those things resolved relatively soon and in a way we all can live with. Please help us in the discussion if you have new ideas or see problems with the proposals.
  • I believe we also could use help to make web pages and workflow on the Mozilla Localization Project (MLP) even better, get in touch over the netscape.public.mozilla.l10n newsgroup if you want to help.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to help in any of those areas and make Mozilla L10n even better!


(Localization Tools for Mozilla)

The l10ntools project has now closed and has been moved to Our tools enable translation of mozilla using PO (gettext) files and the use of the variety of PO-editors there are (e.g. kbabel, POedit, etc).

So far at least the South African, Irish and Brazilian Portuguese teams are using these tools.


(Mozilla localisation resources for the Irish language)

This is the project for the Irish localisation of the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. We are in the process of translating version 0.8 and hope to have a finished product in the next few weeks. After this initial release, we foresee a faster rollout of language packs and builds for subsequent Firefox releases.

We are utilising MozPOTools, created by the the South African translation team and hosted at the l10ntools project, which are a collection of scripts to convert Mozilla resources to gettext .po format and back. Our current file is available for viewing in CVSWeb.

The Irish localisation team is made up of volunteers from around the world; please send an email to the project mailing list if you'd be interested in helping out. We are in particular need of translators.

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