Serhiy Brytskyy Taking Over From Henrik Lynggaard as MozillaTranslator Project Lead

I know it has been ages since I have been active on MozillaTranslator,and for that there is various reasons. I could go into the reasons, but it will suffice to say that I realized I no longer have the time to actively maintain MozillaTranslator.

But this is not a announcement that MozillaTranslator will die! This announcement is here to say that MozillaTranslator is alive and being developed on. It is however not mainly by me anymore. As of today, I have stepped down as project lead, so that more active people can keep this project alive. Since MT is my first open source project I'm not sure on what the correct procedures are in a case like this (even though I read ESR book), so I have just decided to do things my way.

I have talked it over with Serhiy Brytskyy who is one of my regular contributer, and one of the few who had write access to the code. He has agreed to take over as project lead and as such he is the one that patches should be submitted to etc. Along with the change in leadership there is also other ideas for changes.

If this is not the right way, and there are other people who strongly believe they would be better leaders of the project, both I and Serhiy is open to reasonable arguments.

So what does this mean in practice

  • The project leader is now Serhiy Brytskyy (email:
  • I will still be around helping Serhiy out with questions and such, but you should still use him as main contact and he will pass it on if need be
  • I might also have some ideas for the future (6.x code), but if they are used is entirrely up to serhiy.
  • Anyone who want to contribute with code and patches, should get a SourceForge account, so that you can have write access to the code. Both Serhiy and I are very happy to receive patches. Let us work together instead of having specialized versions out
  • We are reconsidering the role of the website Given's new focus on the end-users we are contemplating moving the hosting of end-user XPI packs to This is to ensure that end-users only need to go one place to get what they need. As far as we are concerned this is okay since most of not all uploaded XPIs were for based products. The idea is that translations of extensions should be hosted alongside the extensions, wherever that is.

If we go by that idea there isn't much left of the original site and it might be best to move the download and documentation of the program to either or SourceForge.

Any comments on these ideas are greatly welcomed, please post them in the n.p.m.l10n newsgroup for all to enjoy.

I think this has covered most of it, comment, thoughts, questions, please place them in the newsgroup n.p.m.l10n.

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