Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 29th March 2004

Present: scc, gerv, chofmann, asa, mitchell, blizzard, leaf, bienvenu, bart, myk, jst, peterv.

Mozilla 1.7 final

  • We are frozen.
  • The branch schedule is being worked out by drivers
  • Asa's plan: slip branching out a week, do 1 month of development on branch with 2-weekly release candidates
  • Motivation: 1.7 is the next long-lived milestone branch (1 year after 1.4)
  • There are a number of people who want to do significant releases sooner than 1.8
  • To get that, we need more time on the trunk to get a hold on stability, respond to talkback data, clean up Bugzilla
  • That would mean branching next Friday instead of this Friday.
  • Target release in mid-May instead of mid-April
  • Proposal sent to drivers. Will be pushed to newsgroups and Mozillazine as a plan as soon as drivers sign off on it.
  • Once on branch, use extra time to continue tackling stability, dataloss, migration (from 1.6, 1.4).
  • We think this means that the schedule slips by about a month.


  • Good data in from the beta
  • Talkback is now in Linux Firefox nightly builds
  • Leaf has Windows automation on Seamonkey - all we need is to get the installer scripts to install the Talkback component
  • Linux shouldn't be far behind. Should have nightlies tomorrow.
  • We've contracted jpatel to work on Talkback data reporting and analysis.
  • We've got bug fixes in for 7/20 topcrashers from 1.7 beta.
  • Asa is organising a community QA crash bug triage effort this week.


  • Focussed effort in evangelism and topsites for 1.7
  • Get a sanity check on where we are — bclary to help.
  • We are using the Alexa list, which they publish.
  • There is a top100 keyword we'll revive.
  • Should we publish a list of topsites we don't work with?

Firefox 0.9

  • One major piece of feature work left to do — extension manager UI
  • Current plan calls for a release in 1st week of May; this may change if Mozilla schedule changes.
  • Coming off the 1.7 branch, probably on the far side of the 1.7 release.
  • 0.9 will be feature complete; rock-solid stability is the next target.

Thunderbird 0.6

  • All features in except Pinstripe theme for OS X
  • Hopefully landing tomorrow
  • Release scheduled for mid-April
  • Again, plan to ship from 1.7 branch, pre-1.7
  • Waiting for a little more stability

Mozilla Foundation

  • Board meeting on Wednesday


  • Firefox t-shirts — pre-orders up tonight!
  • Firefox polos and t-shirts, stuffed Firefoxes (!), Mozilla polos and t-shirts.

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