Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 22nd March 2004

Present: blizzard, bart, gerv, bienvenu, asa, myk, shaver, mitchell, brendan, chofmann, dbaron, jst.

1.7 final

  • Backlog of about a dozen approval requests, some pre-beta, some since.
  • We also have a queue of final blocker requests
  • We also want to harvest more talkback data and web forum data
  • There will be a release candidate about the time of branching (1st April?)
  • Release schedule has 1.7 out in the middle of April.
  • Talkback data is coming in from beta.
  • Current topcrashers are things we already new about.
  • Not enough data yet to do uptime comparisons with previous releases.
  • Power outage on Saturday may have been responsible for some TB downtime.
  • Talkback was taking all of the inbound bandwidth to the office!
  • Those machines move to the colo today.

Firefox 0.9

  • What's the next step for GNOME integration?
  • chofmann and bryner to go through the buglist.
  • blizzard to express his views by targetting bugs.
  • bryner has ideas about a GNOME system theme to make it look more GNOMic.
  • Tracking bug 233462.
  • blizzard has asked caillon to look at the clipboard API short-term.

Thunderbird 0.6

  • mscott is away; but we think it's progressing well.
  • "The new spam stuff is sexy" — blizzard.

Trademark policy

  • Logos are fairly sorted; name is harder.
  • Requirements of open source licenses are hard to reconcile with those of trademark law.
  • Considering various options.

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