Independent Status Reports (March 28, 2004)

A lot more people are being turned on to Mozilla's Mail capabilities. Its spam filtering is one of the best systems out there, and support for multiple profiles is another top notch feature. Personally I use Mozilla Mail but will likely move to Thunderbird sometime around 0.6/0.7. This week in the status reports sees a nice extension, Email Vault for Mozilla (EVM), which enables mail storage in a database.

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, go here, or have any feedback on the structure of the reports in general, feel free to contact us.

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cdn — Link Toolbar 0.7.1

(Brings Mozilla's Link Toolbar / Site Navigation bar to Firefox)

Adds a panel to the status bar with buttons and menus to go to the top of the current site, up a level in the site, to the first/previous/next/last page in the current sequence, or other page related to the current one. Web pages provide the URLs for the buttons using the HTML <link> element.

Now incorporates Linkit-style link finding, e.g. page links are searched for tell-tale phrases — note that this isn't foolproof.


  • de-AT [ provided by tve ]
  • fr-FR [ seb ]
  • it-IT [ XF ]
  • nl-NL [ RAF ]
  • sv-SE [ djst, Dunderklumpen and Stefan ]

Feed Parser — v0.5.1

(An RSS Parsing Engine written in JavaScript)

Feed Parser is an object-oriented RSS 0.9x/1.0/2.0 parsing engine written in JavaScript. It is best suited for use within a Gecko (Mozilla) Application developed for any supporting platform. It is not intended for normal webpage use because of the security requirements for utilizing and manipulating cross-domain documents.

Notable Highlights

  • Complete support for RSS 0.9x and 2.0 (2.0 supercedes 0.9x).
  • Complete support for RSS 1.0
  • Support for Atom 0.3 and RSS 1.0 Modules are on the way.
  • Logical, easy to use, element » subelement syntax.
  • Supported by Gecko 1.4 or newer.
  • Read the Release Notes

CookieCuller — v1.0

(The CookieCuller project page is now online)

CookieCuller is modified version of the Cookie Manager built into Firefox browser. It allows you to easily protect cookies you want to save and quickly delete the rest. CookieCuller has been created as a chrome extension for easy installation and use.

One Click

(A set of online tools that can be started with a single click)

One Click is a sidebar tab containing many different applications in one easy to use interface. It also has news and tips for the Mozilla/FireFox user.

The current included features are:

  • cuneAform Online Edition
  • MineSweeper and BattleShip games
  • instant calculator
  • Monthly "Have you Heard?"
  • Tips 'n Tricks

Email Vault for Mozilla (EVM) — v1.4

(Copying mails to a DB, into several categories instead of folders, plus a nice user interface)

With EVM, you can store your mails in a database in one or more categories (but storing it physically once only). You can build categories by your own and rename them. And you may search for, and find, mails by attributes.

Please visit the EVM Main Page and its subpages, try and test EVM, and we surely look forward to your comments and your feedback!

Notable Highlights

  • Current XPI working and ready for testing... So: send us feedback! :-)
  • Mac version coming soon (hopefully;-))

We would be glad to get some feedback from people who tested EVM! :-)

Mozwho — v0.4

(Making the connections)

Mozwho provides a portal style view of your bookmarks, allowing you to also cross link to other entries from the same domain in your history. Mozwho also renders bookmark searches to HTML and offers a URL for bookmark search accessible via a search plugin or keyword bookmark.

Notable Highlights in v0.4

  • Skinnability
  • Better keyboard navigation
  • Firefix search plugin

Dev Notes: Attempts to make use of the URL update monitoring system through RDF have not yet succeeded, but the usability of the Bookmark HTML portal has increased dramatically. I may resort to loading bookmarks.html to highlight monitored bookmarks.

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