Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 15th March 2004

Present: asa, ben, dbaron, jst, chofmann, myk, mitchell, scc, blizzard, peterv.


  • Rolling along, a few more fixes in the queue
  • Localizers should have a month between beta and release
  • Peterv is coordinating European localizers

Firefox/Seamonkey coordination

  • Firefox bustage should start getting tracked on tinderbox for Seamonkey
  • Tinderbox needs reformatting to focus attention on cross-product bustage
  • 19-26 April Seamonkey to correspond with firefox 0.9, thunderbird 0.6


  • Windows installers being tested
  • New junk controls
  • bienvenu might be free to do more feature work

Firefox logos

  • debian provides a two-logo system (one for release, one for general public)
  • solution of "checked in is modifiable" and privately held imagery protected seems to be workable.

Mozilla Foundation board meeting

  • Scheduled for March 31. Plan is to address organizational and strategic topics.

Mozilla Europe

  • Website is almost ready (in several languages)
  • Interest already been shown for upgrading from older Netscape releases


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