Independent Status Reports (March 14, 2004)

It's nice to see some great projects return after a long time, including Googlebar and Mnenhy. Some of the projects on don't even get off the ground or are abandoned after a short time, but reliables like these show what a valuable resource project hosting is. Look out in this report for the new Help Content Extension project (Firebird Help), perhaps an opportunity for you to integrate Help for your own project into Mozilla installations.

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, go here, or have any feedback on the structure of the reports in general, feel free to contact us.

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(The website)

A new logos page has been added.

If you are hosting a project on mozdev and have turned off the default branding, please include a logo somewhere on your site with a link to They can also be used by 3rd party sites to link to

Call for Design Help: is currently in an ongoing process fo re-design. If you have design skills, we are looking for site banner images, logos, icons and so on. There isn't a particular direction to suggest for a logo or site design, but this is a great chance to help us come up with a unique identity. If you want to throw some concepts out there for us we can give you our feedback about what we like best. Contact us for further details or to make proposals.

Googlebar — v0.8

(Bringing Internet Explorer's Google Toolbar to Mozilla/Firefox)

The Googlebar project has released version 0.8 of the Googlebar for Mozilla and Firefox, including lots of new features and bugfixes.

Notable Highlights

  • Support for International Google News sites
  • More flexible keyboard modifiers to determine what is searched and where the results will be shown.
  • Middle-click on toolbar buttons open search result in new Tab

Please see the Release Notes for the complete list of new features and bugfixes.

Firebird Help — v1.0.1

(Brings Mozilla's Help Viewer to Firefox and Thunderbird)

The Help Content Extension (HCE) project is now online.

This project will list additional Help content that you or others may be interested in adding to the Help menu. Currently there is only one Extension listed, a full version of the book Creating Applications With Mozilla, with a glossary, partial index and search function.

Dictionary Search — v0.4

(Looks up or translates words in a Web page using an online dictionary)

Dictionary Search provides a very easy way to lookup or translate a word in a Web page. Dictionary Search 0.4 has been released on 6th of March. Version 0.4 adds the possibility of using up to four different dictionaries. Easy for the polyglots out there.

Mnenhy — v0.5.1

(MailNews-Enhancements and more for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox)

It's been a very long time since the last release, but now Mnenhy's better than ever!

New Highlights

  • Mnenhy can now be installed into your user profile.
  • Most parts of Mnenhy are now usable with Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox.


  • Custom mail/news header configuration for Mozilla and Thunderbird. Yes, with clickable references! ;-)
  • Text encoders and decoders like ROT-13, Unicode converters or Kenny for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox.
  • Chrome Manager for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox: Move, deactivate or deinstall addons and extensions!
  • Registry Viewer for Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox: View the contents of Mozilla registry files like mozver.dat or registry.dat.

Metagrams Toolbar for Mozilla — v0.8

(A toolbar for word games enthusiasts)

The Metagrams Toolbar for Mozilla (-based browsers) is created by the Words project, which aims to produce browser tools for the competitive player of such word games as Scrabble® and Boggle®. The project initially began as the Gecko/non-Windows response to the Metagrams Toolbar (Win/IE only). v0.8 is nearly at feature parity, implementing nearly all of the IE toolbar's interface. Future versions will implement such remaining missing features as query history, and v1.0 will have complete IE toolbar parity.

Notable Highlights

  • Implemented basic UI from IE/Win version
  • Supports Netscape 7.1, Mozilla 1.6, and Firefox 0.8 (unsupported in earlier versions but probably works)
  • Have already received positive feedback from one Mac user

If you have the time, help is appreciated; please file a bug before you start so efforts are not duplicated.

cuneAform — v0.2.6

(The HTML editor for everyone...)

Over the last two weeks 4 versions have been realsed and more are expected. The list of cuneAform features is contantly growing so here is a up-to-date feature listing.

  • A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) enviroment
  • Table Support
  • CSS Support
  • Template Support — New!
  • Save and Print features — New!

Find out more information on the project website!

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