Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 1st March 2004

Present: mscott, scc, mitchell, chofmann, ben, bart, asa, myk, leaf, marcia.

Mozilla 1.7a update

  • Released!
  • Still waiting for talkback servers to be up for windows crashdata

Mozilla 1.7b

  • may push back schedule two weeks to accomodate firefox's gecko reqs
  • almost fully recovered from darin's string landing

General Tree Management

  • Drivers meetings to be co-ordinated with Friday cantinas
  • critical mass of important developers are present during cantinas
  • need to have a cantina/driver meeting to talk about managing branches
  • branches generally, and co-ordinating firefox releases particularly

Developer Day — Followup

  • "Eyecandy Demo" rollup needed (bugxula, amazon browser, etc.)
  • Excellent first use of developer.m.o?
  • Chofmann/Asa to talk with Andrew Woolridge and/or George Cao about it

Firefox logos/trademark

  • Who do we allow to make and distribute "official builds"?
  • Nightly/pre-release builds should have "uglified" logos
  • Unclear about how close to the release logos nightly logos can be without losing trademark


  • Scott Collins in Athens Greece April 25-28 on's behalf
  • Mscott denied birthday comp time, but receives 500K/year raise ;-)


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