Japanese Mozilla Documentation and Help Resources

As we see the development of MozManual, I would like to let international users know what is available in Japanese for the time being.

A Japanese Mozilla users' community, Mozilla-gumi, has published various documents, such as the Mozilla Quick Guide for beginners, and the Japanese versions of the famous Firefox Help and Thunderbird Help, as well as the Japanese translation of

On top of these documents, there is an encyclopedic manual of Mozilla called Introduction to Mozilla 1.4. Although the document is titled an "introduction", it is one of the most comprehensive documents on Mozilla available on the internet. It explains what you can possibly do with Mozilla in minute detail with a lot of screenshots, covering everything from the brief history of Mozilla and general settings instructions to how-tos of web developer components such as the DOM Inspector and Venkman.

Introduction to Mozilla 1.4 was first created for Mozilla 1.0 and later updated for Mozilla 1.4 in late October 2003. It is maintained by Mozilla-gumi and currently available only in Japanese. If you find the document interesting, you are welcome to translate it into your own languages. In such a case, please contact

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