Independent Status Reports (February 29, 2004)

If you were not already aware, an abbreviated version of this report is produced simultaneously for the Mozilla Links Newsletter. With over 3,000 subscribers and growing, this newsletter has turned out to be quite popular. Not only is it good for the end-user community, but it gives more exposure to the projects listed here. So if you haven't read it before, go on over to the archives to read previous editions and subscribe if you like what you see.

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, go here, or have any feedback on the structure of the reports in general, feel free to contact us.

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Feed Parser — v0.4.1

(An RSS Parsing Engine written in JavaScript)

This release has been made public. Please visit the homepage, download the code, and report any bugs or suggestions you may have.

Notable Highlights

  • Complete support for RSS 0.9x and 2.0.
  • Logical, easy to use syntax.
  • Supported by Gecko 1.4 or newer.

JRex — v1.0a

(A Java browser component with set of APIs for embedding Mozilla browser within a Java application)

I have completed implementation of JRex — The Java Browser Component.

Following features are complete:

  • Webpage Rendering.
  • Navigation.
  • History.
  • Profile & Preferences.
  • Edit Operations (Cut, Copy, Paste etc).
  • Print Operations.
  • Support for XUL.
  • Direct integration of Input Event's [Mouse and Key Event] with Java.
  • Build in Event Manager support, making adding new event's capability is easy.
  • Compatible with Java AWT and Swing.
  • In built support for tabbed browsing

Please check JRex site for more details and get in touch if you would like to make me even more productive!

Mycroft — 1000 search plugins

(Search plugins for Mozilla and Firefox)

Since the last status update one month ago, we've added over 200 new search plugins, reaching now our 1000th. It's extremely hard to keep up with the many submissions we are getting every day, while at the same time improving the website for both users and administrators.

Notable Highlights

Since Firefox is out, visits at our website have tripled. While we are happy about Mycroft's success, but we cannot handle the additional workload. So we would be really happy if you could join the team. Just ask how you can be helpful and we'll find you an assignment.

HONcode Status — 1.2

(Tells you if the website you are browsing is accredited by the Health On the Net (HON) Foundation)

HONcode Status 1.2 has been released on February 25th. It now uses a new format for the list of HONcode accredited websites (URLs are now encoded in MD5 instead of clear text). Previous versions will no longer be supported and will stop working soon. Please update!

Forumzilla — v0.4.7

(An extension to Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird for reading RSS feeds)

The latest Forumzilla pre-alpha, 0.4.7, includes another fix for the duplicate message problem. Forumzilla no longer duplicates any messages in any feeds. Forumzilla also now ignores whitespace around URLs in subscriptions.txt (previously it considered the whitespace part of the URL, so feed URLs with whitespace around them failed to load).

Next on the agenda, a way to deal with items that appear with many other items on a single page (as opposed to each item having its own page), and a subscriptions dialog for managing subscriptions so you don't have to hack subscriptions.txt.

IE View — v0.7

(View pages/links in Internet Explorer)

Added the most-requested enhancement: a preference setting to specify the browser path. IE View cannot always find Internet Explorer on its own (non-standard installations, some international builds, etc.) and some people prefer to launch a different browser instead (Opera, etc.).


  • An explicit path may be set by hand by adding an ieview.ieapp entry to prefs.js
  • Under Mozilla Firefox, the Extension | Options page for IE View now offers a dialog to set this option.

cdn — Compact Menu 1.6

(Reorganise the menu bar for custom usage and more space)

Compact Menu is an extension for the Mozillan Browser (Firefox) and Mail client (Thunderbird) that allows you to reorganize the menu options on the menu bar in such a way that the user has more horizontal space on the menu bar to add buttons or other options.


  • rewritten code
  • repackaged for smaller download
  • Firefox version includes a fix for bug 5844, where the Go menu failed to list previously visited sites

QuickNote — v0.5.3

(A quick note taking extension)

Bug fixes and stability release. (ChangeLog)

Notable Highlights

  • Rejoice intl. users! True intl. character support has been implemented. Notes are now set to UTF-8 encoding.
  • No more multiple floating window instances.
  • Bug fixes.

This is a much needed upgrade for QuickNote users. Feedback welcome!

MozManual — Final 1.0

(Introduction to Mozilla — A Manual for First Time Users; a brief overview and feature guide)

The Mozilla Manual is an overview, in PDF (Acrobat) format, of features and functions of Mozilla.


  • A draft preview of the Dutch version ("Nederlands") of the Mozilla Manual is now available.
  • Work continues to produce an HTML version of the manual, which can be used as an online tutorial/introduction to Mozilla.

MessageID-Finder — v1.9.4

(Finds the corresponding message to a message IDd)

MessageID-Finder is a addon for the Mozilla mail/news client (and Thunderbird) that helps you to find the message for a certain message ID. Many small bugfixes have gone into the latest release.

If anybody wants to translate MessageID-Finder into his own language, please contact me.

Launchy — 1.9.0

(Open links and mailtos with external applications)


  • The Bat! support added
  • One-click-install option

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