Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 23rd February 2004

Present: mscott, gerv, scc, marcia, asa, chofmann, ben, bart, blizzard.

(mitchell on vacation)

Mozilla 1.7a update

  • We have builds already in the experimental directory
  • leaf is pushing them after the meeting
  • Brief scare with Windows installers — just one bad build
  • Talkback is working on Windows
  • Been holding for mirrors — now have 7/8
  • No actual changes to build since Wednesday

Developer Day

  • This coming Friday, February 27th
  • Over 50 attendees now, could be up to 60
  • MF employees hastily finishing their presentations

Firefox logos

  • Working towards a sensible policy
  • Discussion started in the newsgroups
  • Technical solution:
    • Artwork goes into other-licenses, not pulled by default
    • Build option: --I-have-Foundation-permission-for-Firefox-logos
    • This pulls the logos and uses them
  • Red Hat's mechanism: they have an RPM with different artwork


  • Mozilla Europe launched
  • Lots of people had views about various things :-)
  • Gerv to write them up and circulate to staff for discussion

Download numbers

  • Can we get them for the 'bird releases from the other week?
  • chofmann to try and get these in the next few days

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