Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 16th February 2004

Present: myk, marcia, chofmann, mitchell, jst, dbaron, bart, leaf, ben.

Mozilla 1.7 Alpha

  • Down to a just a couple of bugs, trouble making some traction on them
  • Possible if we can get a few fixes we can go out tomorrow, maybe roll over to Thursday if we can't get it done
  • Theme Switching is broken right now.
  • Pref panel is broken - can't switch themes using the pref panel

Developer Day

  • 47 attendees
  • Working on seating arrangements
  • Follow-up email to be sent on Friday to all attendees


  • ben, bart and mitchell need to figure out what to do about use of Firefox artwork in private builds
  • We want to be sure Firefox-branded stuff is of good quality
  • bart trying to get details on how and Fedora handle it
  • Legitimate point that we might want other people to do builds with those logos
  • bart — really good for e.g. Debian and Fedora to use our logo
  • May not end up in the main tree

Standalone Calendar (Mozilla Sunbird)

  • jst did not send out mail yet, he will send out the mail today


  • Myk discussed sysadmin duties — taking up quite a bit of his time
  • Mitchell asked myk to scope hours — how many hours would actually help?
  • More discussion needed on strategy for this


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