Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 9th February 2004

Present: chofmann, blizzard, ben, jst, mitchell, leaf, asa, scc, myk, chris blizzard, marcia.

1.7 Alpha

  • Drivers met yesterday and went through blocker nominations, long standing things that didn't get done.
  • Some progress made in fixing hard-to-reproduce and diagnose profile corruption bugs, but more investigation and fixing remains.
  • 1.7a should have inprovments that we will be monitoring.
  • List of things to go through is still pretty long
  • Tree closes tonight at midnight

Firebird 0.8 Update

  • shipped
  • Firefox fans burned down the FTP farm
  • ~73K downloads yesterday, 30K Failures [due to capacity issues]
  • Major Corporate Sponsor agreed to let us use their FTP server farm — we now have 3 more servers in the mirror network than we did before
  • One of the four servers in her network was actually down yesterday, that is why the issue with failures
  • In theory it should be better, if they turn it off again we will need some other help
  • In top 2000 websites on Alexa
  • just under half of people that clicked on the Windows link came from IE 6.0 user agents (chofmann)


  • bart is not here
  • bart should receive kudos for all of his work on getting "Firefox" — made it happen (mitchell)

Developer Day

  • Agenda needs to be posted on the site under Events
  • Decision made to have it at the Mozilla Foundation offices
  • Presentations:
    • chofmann, FTP servers, Talkback (infrastructure things)
    • brendan (roadmap/futures discussion)
    • asa (test tracker — couple of slides how you want people to get involved with this)
    • ben/mscott — Status and the road ahead for Firefox/Thunderbird — Next Generation Browser and Mail
    • george_cao — experiments with Mozilla as application platform with web services and SVG

CVS over SSH

  • leaf testing it out over private trying to figure out what the pitfalls are
  • ben raised question of security of directories
  • leaf advises repository will be easier to control user groups by directories


  • mitchell: What is the general thinking about the Thunderbird release?
  • Press has been positive on the Thunderbird release
  • 4 stars, and on the way to 5, with improvements we have planned for installer and are investigating for spam filter training


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