Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 2nd February 2004

Present: chofmann, asa, bart, mitchell, gerv, leaf, dbaron, myk, blizzard, jst.

Mozilla 1.7a update

  • Alpha freeze in ten days
  • Drivers meetings start midweek this week to go over blocker nomination list
  • Just over 50 pending blocker requests
  • Builds are already sufficient for alpha quality

Mozilla Firebird 0.8 update

  • Ready to go
  • Ben thinks next Monday
  • Asa has been testing Mac branch build on 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3

Developer Day

  • This week, trying to hook people who expressed interest in presenting
  • Possible speakers:
    • Mitchell or chofmann: foundation status
    • Brendan: roadmap
    • Asa: testing
    • Ben, mscott: new apps
    • Ben: RDF
    • Darin and/or Joe Chu: web services

CVS over SSH update

  • Leaf was looking into LDAP to manage keys, but it's not doable in our timeframe
  • Working on modding despot instead
  • Figuring out how to add users to the CVS server

Thunderbird update

  • Lots of people evaluating 0.4, finding 1.6 beta bugs
  • Makes a lot of sense to do a milestone update from 1.6 final
  • bienvenu and mscott doing that
  • Test builds this week
  • Like to go out Monday next week, as 0.5

1.6 uptake

  • 2200 CDs ordered of 1.6
  • Start page hits eclipsing 1.5 tomorrow
  • Not got all mirror logs yet
  • Asa has a line graph of various releases and start page hit curves
  • 13 or 14 languages on the 1.6 CD

Testcase Manager

  • Asa's work on this was on hold
  • Working on Bugzilla reorganisation last week
  • It's in a roughly usable state
  • Still working on test groupings
  • 150 testcases into the system
  • Myk has an outstanding queue of fixes to do

Bugzilla reorganisation

  • New plan because of pending Bugzilla improvements
  • Same reorganisation, but not reassign all the bugs
  • Can decouple assignee changes from component changes
  • Hixie and Myk have SQL magic to allow component moves directly
  • Component reorg this week or next
  • Mass reassignment to nobody for dead owners and QA contacts
  • Then component watching comes along when it does
  • Myk to review Gerv's code for Component Watching

Bugzilla upgrade

  • Major feature upgrades
  • Asa to document some of the improvements
  • CVS update in next couple of days

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