Independent Status Reports (February 15, 2004)

Firefox 0.8 and Thunderbird 0.5 were released earlier in the week. Despite the name change, Firefox is continuing to get positive reviews and set the standard for modern Web browsing. The name change may have broken some extensions, so if you suspect this is the case with one you have installed, contact the project owner or file a bug on it. Your continued participation will help Mozilla grow to a wider user base.

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, go here, or have any feedback on the structure of the reports in general, feel free to contact us.

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MSDbar — v0.6

(Bioinformatics Toolbar to search the Protein Data Bank (wwPDB))

Uninstallation procedure using JSLib has been enabled in the new version. A few irritating bugs have been rectified and the toolbar is more stable than the previous versions.

Notable Highlights

  • Searches now include Lucene keyword searches
  • Ligand environment, ProSite environment search implemented
  • Options menu tidied up and made more accessible
  • Uninstallation with JSLib now makes life easier for upgrades

Please get in touch or join the mailing list for more updates!

DownloadWith — v0.0.6

(Download files with external programs)

DownloadWith is a Mozilla/Firefox extension to download files with external programs like wget, ProZilla, Downloader for X, Download Accelerator Plus and GetRight.


  • Windows, Linux and Unix
  • Support multiple download programs
  • Can download sample downloader settings

Mozilla-Delphi Project

(Resources for working with Mozilla in Borland Delphi and Kylix)

JavaScript Bridge classes are now online! These classes allow you to use Mozilla's JavaScript engine to provide run-time scripting in Delphi and Kylix applications. You can download the classes, with full documentation, from CVS or as a zip file.

The Mozilla ActiveX Control can be used to display html in Delphi 4 applications but there is a VCL bug and other problems to overcome. Our new article, Delphi 4 Lizard Taming, provides solutions to these problems and a reworked browser framework for Delphi 4.

MozManual — Final 1.0

(Introduction to Mozilla — A Manual for First Time Users; a brief overview and feature guide)

A draft preview of an HTML version of the Mozilla Manual is now available. The Mozilla Manual is an overview, in PDF (Acrobat) format, of features and functions of Mozilla. Work is now in progress to produce an HTML version of the manual, which can be used as a tutorial/introduction for Mozilla.

mozCC — v0.7.7

(It's twice as good as View Source!)

mozCC is an extension for browsers which are based on Mozilla Gecko (Mozilla Suite, Mozilla Firefox/Firebird, and Netscape) which provides an easy way to view Creative Commons license metadata embedded in Web pages. mozCC displays license information about the current page in the status bar using the Creative Commons' license attribute icons. It also provides a button on the toolbar which displays the embedded license's RDF in more detail.

This week saw the release of 0.7.7, a major bug fix for mozCC. In addition to fixing several major bugs, 0.7.7 also adds support for non-HTML content, including SMIL and SVG files. Note that SVG is currently only supported using SVG-enabled builds of Mozilla ( Support for the Adobe SVG Viewer has not been determined at this time.

Bugs Fixed

  • Middle-click and ctrl-click to open a link in a new tab is no longer broken by mozCC
  • Opening a window without a toolbar no longer crashes Firefox/Firebird
  • RDF specified through a <link> tag is now properly retrieved and parsed
  • The Home button on the toolbar is no longer disabled by mozCC

I'm currently working on refinements to the details display window, which should be ready for the 0.8.0 release.

Launchy — 1.7.0

(Open links and mailtos with external applications)

Even more supported applications added.

Notable Highlights

  • Mozilla Firefox support added
  • MyIE2 support added
  • Eudora support added

Reload Every — v0.2

(Reload Every enables you to reload a web page automatically every so many minutes or seconds)

Reload Every 0.2 was released on the 14th of February. This version adds the ability to enable/disable Reload Every on all tabs at once. Furthermore a custom reload time can now be set by the user.

Dictionary Search — v0.3

(Looks up words in a Web page using an online dictionary)

Dictionary Search 0.3 has been released. The new version fixes a bug which can freeze Mozilla and Firefox and adds the ability to search for a phrase, for example "The King" instead of a word.

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