Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 26th January 2004

Present: bart, gerv, chofmann, brendan, dbaron, ben, marcia, mscott.

1.7 alpha update

  • 1.7a blockers:
    • Ben Bucksch's roaming stuff (from Beonex)
    • Protection mechanisms against profile corruption
    • Fix for very rare profile corruption bug

Mozilla Firebird 0.8 update

  • Ready to ship


  • Back on track with separate GRE build
  • Seawood's back (wahey!)

  • Currently this redirects to for historical reasons
  • We may need this name in the future (LDAP server)
  • Check how many hits
  • All top ten links on Google are 1998
  • Break it and see what happens?
  • Use an interstitial with a warning page

Moving Firebird Help to

  • request by alanjstr because he claims keeps going down
  • charge is not proven
  • mscott to chat to djst

Developer Day

  • Not very much response yet, but we need to be more specific.
  • $10 registration fee a week before, $100 reg fee on the day, to encourage people to tell us ;-)
  • Will be taped for putting on the web

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