Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Tuesday 20th January 2004

Present: asa, dbaron, mscott, jst, chofmann, myk, ben, mitchell, marcia, bart, brendan

[Staff meeting delayed by one day due to MLK Day]

1.6 feedback review

  • Asa: so far so good, nothing catastophic.
  • Overall, the feedback at slashdot, mozillazine, blogs been very positive.
  • NTLM (cross platform) is the big feature
  • Shipped Talkback with Windows.
  • Leaf working on Talkback on other platforms for 1.7a


  • Leaf has made a disk image — includes 1.6 and Firebird 0.7
  • Asa testing today to make sure that all installs work
  • that should be a go for the CD
  • No mac 0.8 firebird branch birds — needs investigation
  • Shipping on CD now is the zip file, advantage is that is the installer
  • Ben will do a build of the Mac one when the meeting is done

1.7 alpha update

  • Drivers met last week and discussed alpha schedule
  • Slip all future releases by three weeks, because of the 1 week delay in branching and 2 weeks holiday delay
  • Asa has updated the roadmap, and posted to tinderbox and seamonkey newsgroup
  • Various other schedule tweaks to try and match reality
  • Padded to branch on Friday and ship a week and a half later
  • mitchell wondered if our scheduling was realistic
  • chofmann is confident we'll ship the next one on time

More future milestones in Bugzilla

  • chofmann says go up to 1.9
  • Asa will do it
  • We should keep to having at least three milestones out. Asa to handle.
  • dbaron suggested the last one should be in alpha


  • Myk reports that there will be a Bugzilla upgrade this Sunday.


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