Developers Must Now Consider Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderbird and Camino When Making API Changes

Over the years the Seamonkey tinderbox page has become the default tinderbox view for most people. We do have other products though, and as some of those products are moving closer towards 1.0 we are becoming more interested in protecting them from bustage, and that's either build bustage or less visible bustage that's usually caused by API changes.

At this time, we want to make sure that the following builds are observed in addition to the Seamonkey one:

We are now requiring that you consider these products when making API changes in core components. If you make changes that adversely affect these products, you will be required to rectify them.

Code for these products lives in:

  • mozilla/browser (Firebird)
  • mozilla/toolkit (Firebird + Thunderbird shared)
  • mozilla/mail (Thunderbird)
  • mozilla/camino (Camino)

So please expand your searches when looking for code use examples to update when interfaces change. The best lxr link for seaching these directories is

These modules are all open, and require only the review set out in their respective review policies, which is generally module owner/peer review.

Ben Goodger, for Firebird
Scott MacGregor, for Thunderbird
Mike Pinkerton, for Camino

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