Polish Translation of Mozilla 1.6 Available

MozillaPL Team ( has released its own Polish(ed) distribution based on latest Mozilla 1.6 code. The most important changes are:

  • Easier SMTP setup — new servers can be defined in New Account Wizard even if one already has an outgoing mail server defined;
  • Mail Account auto configuration has been introduced — known ISP could be recognized at the beginning of setup process allowing user to choose Mail&News to automatically fill up all necessary technicalia;
  • Linux users can use script to run browser, eliminating a 'profile in use' problem when one Mozilla instance is already running;
  • default settings have been adjusted to better fit Polish users needs.

By default MozillaPL Team releases come with Mouse Gestures, Autoscroll and LiveHTTPHeaders enabled, as well as with multimedia plug-ins and our home breed addons: MozTweak and Proctor, yet smaller than in original download size as more efficient compression methods were used. A lot more details (in Polish) can be found on project's web page at Enjoy.

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