Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 12th January 2004

Present: dbaron, asa, chofmann, gerv, leaf, brendan, mitchell, bart, myk, scc, ben

1.6 Final

  • Brendan has one checkin, then we are ready to go
  • Need to get Talkback set up
  • Aiming for a release on Thursday
  • Also hoping to cut CDs on Thursday

Mozilla Firebird 0.8

  • It would be good to ship > 0.7 on CD; get installer
  • But it may not make it by Thursday
  • Perhaps update CD in a month with 0.8 and Thunderbird 0.5
  • Gecko on branch is a big buggy; merge some Gecko fixes from trunk?

Thunderbird update for CD

  • Is it worth putting the latest build on there instead of 0.4?
  • Release overhead too big; we should ship a proper build
  • The goal was to do 0.5 in 1.6 timeframe, but not enough new stuff
  • So 0.4 is going on the CD; 0.5 coming whenever

1.7 Alpha

  • Alpha planning meeting on Friday
  • We want to hold alpha until Talkback is working on MF servers

CVS over SSH

Developer Day

  • chofmann schedule meeting this week to get agenda outline


  • IBM are playing it low-key
  • So we aren't going


  • Getting more snail mail from users in the past few days
  • Some are even support requests!
  • We redirect to e.g. MozillaZine.
  • Grad student from San Jose doing a security project on profile data

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