New Windows Mozilla Sunbird Builds Available

Thanks to the great development work Mostafah is doing, Sunbird now builds from the Mozilla trunk again. I made some win32 builds right after Mostafah checked his changes into the trunk.

Here they are:

All these builds are self-extracting archives which will create a Sunbird directory with all the necessary files in the directory in which you choose to put it. All builds are roughly 4.7 MB big. I put up some sort of release notes for these builds. Read them carefully, especially the Known Issues section.

Release Notes

I'm not a regular Calendar user, so please bear with me if I bring up some things which are already known for quite some time. These builds were made by me, but of course were only possible through the hard work of Mostafah Hosseini, the Calendar/Sunbird lead developer.

What's New

  • Sunbird now uses his own profile directory
  • Sunbird now uses a Firebird/Thunderbird style options window
  • These builds contain all the fixes from 2004-01-09 and 2003-09-26 Calendar XPIs. See for more information.
  • Sunbird now has a new icon and new artwork in the about window.

Known Issues

  • Sunbird has to be started by calling mozillasunbird.exe with the -calendar argument. For example if you put your build in a c:sunbird directory, you have to start Sunbird with Start -> Run... -> c:sunbirdmozillasunbird.exe -calendar.
  • This is an optimized build for i686 platform processors. This build will only work on the following platforms:
    • Intel Pentium II
    • Intel Pentium III
    • Intel Pentium 4
    • Intel Celeron
    • Intel Centrino
    • AMD Athlon
    • AMD Athlon XP
    • AMD Athlon 64
  • The non-English localized builds are not fully localized at the moment. The menubar, the Help menu and parts of the Tools menu are not localized at the moment. The options window is also not fully localized.
  • Clicking on Help -> Release Notes will open up a somewhat castrated Firebird window. This is due to the fact that at the moment Sunbird is built on top of Firebird. The Firebird window is lacking some icons because of some footprint reduction work I did after building, because I think that people will want to try Sunbird and not yet another Firebird build.
  • The JavaScript Console is located under Tools -> JavaScript Console and under Tools -> Web Development -> JavaScript Console
  • The Java Console, which can be found under Tools -> Web Development, the Downloads Manager, and the Switch Profile function are currently not working.
  • The default theme shown in Tools -> Options -> Themes identifies itself as Mozilla Firebird and shows a picture of the Mozilla Firebird default theme.
  • Because of pending changes to Sunbird, bugs in this experimental build should not be reported to Bugzilla.
  • Because of his standalone nature, Sunbird is currently not able to send out mail notifications when an alarm goes off.

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