Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 5th January 2004

Present: mitchell, gerv, myk, bart, asa, chofmann, dbaron, ben, mscott, scc, leaf.

1.6 Final update

  • Not ready to ship quite yet
  • Passing smoketests at the moment
  • Asa is working with Myk on setting up TestRunner
  • blockers are two security bugs and a prefs change
  • leaf may be backing out some code which caused regressions (prefs change)
  • Want to post an updated schedule in the next day or so
  • Shooting for this week, may end up being next week

Mozilla Firebird 0.8 update

  • Now off on a branch
  • May have picked up a few regressions from the trunk

CD status

  • 1.6 and Mozilla Firebird 0.8 are now decoupled, in release terms
  • Bart suggests we get 1.6 out the door, start burning CDs, and then we can include recent MF bits on there (0.7, intermediate or 0.8), depending on what's available

Talkback status

  • New server has arrived
  • But it is so loud it disrupts conference calls!
  • So no talkback 1-2pm PST Mondays ;-)

Plans for the next few months

  • mscott and bienvenu (Thunderbird)
    • Calendar
    • Back on track with regular Thunderbird feature development work
    • Planning to write a New Year's wishlist
    • USB device stuff that chofmann is thinking about — portability
    • More work to be done on Junkmail (better Bayesian, other tools)
    • Installer
  • asa
    • Milestone release testcases written and moved into TestRunner
    • Get a test suite into place for shipping 1.7
    • Bug Days
    • Identify the standouts and get them more involved
  • myk (Tools)
    • Working on a installation of TestRunner
    • Looking for security issues
    • Bugxula needs more work — showcase for XUL (3 weeks of work)
    • IS takes up half of Myk's time — do we need an intern?
    • Upgrading Bugzilla to latest trunk
  • gerv
    • Relicensing (Big chunk in 1.7a timeframe)
    • MPL violations
    • Bugzilla 2.18 release and email work
  • dbaron
    • Working on bugs, many of which are regressions in the last year or so
    • Feels he needs to work on bigger things more
    • Standardising XUL layout model
    • Changing what we do to conform to whatever we agree on
    • Refactoring of layout so XUL and HTML layout interact better
    • Printing particularly needs work
    • Try and get more people involved with layout QA
    • Try and restart the BugAThon to get test cases made from "page doesn't work" bugs (related to evangelism)
    • reviewing (ideally 20% of his time)
  • leaf
    • build automation fixes for Seamonkey
  • chofmann
    • Developer Day in the next month or two; send out feelers
    • Talkback (shiva made a little progress over the holidays)
  • scc
    • Writing documentation for, and planning CVS over SSH
  • bart
    • Focussed on revenue opportunities


  • Firebird is Maximum PC pick for 2004, and we are on their CD
  • Radio talkshow in Las Vegas tonight

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