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An Update on the 9-9-98 Build

by JASON KERSEY | Quick update - Non Blocking Images are in the latest build and do work - try it at MovieLink . Also, check out the new security options, they have been there for a while now, but are still worth looking at, as they are quite useful in managing your online experience. See them at window>privacy tools on the menu bar and under Navigator>Privacy in the prefs box. Also, the bookmarks / smartbrowsing items are working quite well in this build and also should be checked out.

Want more? OK! While the actual Aurora toolbar is gone, Aurora the concept/code is still a part of Mozilla. Try bookmarking a drive on your computer (ie C:). you can then use your bookmark menu to browse your hard drive! Also, IE's favorites, the recent docs folder, and the startmenu now appear in the bookmarks window, although the favorites still launch IE to be viewed. The smart browsing component is looking good along the lines of "Whats Related," but the Site Maps feature of Aurora is yet to be seen in action since the toolbar dissapeared. Well! Not so short after all! That should hopefully be all for today!

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