Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 8th December 2003

Present: mitchell, scc, gerv, myk, dbaron, jst, ben, asa, bart, chofmann, blizzard.

CVS over SSH update

  • scc still trying to get in touch with SourceForge
  • This doesn't seem too hard to do
  • May just write docs and go ahead

1.6 beta update

  • We were all ready to go on Thursday, but...
  • Hit a problem with Linux build machine, build not working on RH 8
  • Leaf is sick and so can't fix it
  • Current build is RH9 only, which we can't ship
  • Drivers no longer confident about a final release before Christmas, but still shooting for 22nd or 23rd.


  • Talkback is still in the works
  • Shiva was here last Friday doing a test installation
  • We may not be quite there on licensing yet
  • We need another piece of hardware; myk is getting quotes
  • Hope to have the hardware by the end of the week

Mozilla Firebird 0.8 update

  • The plan is for 0.8 to go out before Christmas whatever
  • Ben is away for a couple of weeks over Christmas

Can we streamline the release process?

  • There are four "leaf" tasks — tag, tarballs, builds and stage
  • These take the time, along with assembling docs and getting the final fixes
  • This stuff is hard to delegate
  • We don't ship standard builds; they have to be repackaged, installers repointed etc.
  • Do we need to get a 1.6 start page done?

Localisation packs

  • Quarterly/monthly IRC meetings for l10n (blizzard, bart)
  • What is our end goal for internationalization?
  • Goal: 5 or 6 languages we ship pretty regularly, of reasonable to good quality
  • Start incrementally
  • Agreed: translations need to be in CVS; too separated from release process
  • chofmann to write a message to l10n newsgroup:
    1. Tell people how to nominate bugs to drivers
    2. Mention monthly IRC chat, hosted by chofmann (gerv query: what time to have this? Hard to pick one which is good for everyone, because of timezone issues)
    3. If you have a localised version ready 1 week after 1.6, let us know now (or then) and we'll try and get it on the CD.
    4. There will be a string freeze after beta — it's a done deal
    5. We want your localisation by 1 week after our planned release date (But CD gets burned 2 days before we release)
  • We need a simple post-freeze string change process — Bugzilla keyword, post to newsgroup etc.


  • It's beautiful :-)
  • Adding things to sidebar: localisation yes, ports builds no
  • We need a publicised website-drivers alias for website issues

b.m.o. upgrade

  • Delayed until after the holidays
  • Too close to the 1.6 beta/final cycle

Meeting on 22nd or 29th?

  • Yes to 22nd, no to 29th
  • Gerv on vacation 23rd to 2nd (but probably will have email)
  • blizzard on vacation from 24th to 2nd

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