Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 1st December 2003

Present: asa, chofmann, mitchell, bart, brendan, blizzard, leaf, scc, dbaron, mscott, ben, gerv.

1.6 beta update

  • 10 beta blockers, all of which would be final blockers
  • Need to get it out there within the week to get feedback
  • We hope to ship final on 21st/22nd
  • Aim is to get it out before Xmas.


  • Still need to work on the fonts
  • Mitchell thinks it looks like a 2nd grader's schoolbook
  • Incremental changes

Localisations on CD

  • Six key ones: German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish
  • We had pack for all except ja straight after 1.5
  • Why not ja?
    • They have switched to self-made distros rather than packs
    • We haven't fixed about 10 bugs important to them
    • Communication breakdown
    • Those bugs were not nominated or driven
  • IRC meeting for localisers
  • Figure out the process and invite people to jump on
  • IBM also has packs. leaf to talk to mkaply
  • Need to get langpacks into CVS repository


  • Forms for tax exemption filed (by Nov 30th deadline)
  • We are not in the mainstream mould for non-profits
  • Lots of things we want to do which would be hard
  • Probably need a for-profit subsidiary
  • Lots of admin, but free to pursue revenue opportunities

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