Independent Status Reports

The status reports are getting busier every week. This is more work for me, but I don't mind because I know that it is a good sign for and the Mozilla community in general.

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, go here, or if you have any feedback on the structure of the reports in general, feel free to contact us.

MSDbar — v0.5

(A bioinformatics toolbar application to search the Worldwide Protein Data Bank — wwPDB)

MSDbar is a toolbar application for searching the MSD and other macromolecular structure resources. It is an invaluable resource for biologists who are interested in 3-dimensional structures of proteins and nucleic acids.

Version 0.5 has the following features:

  • New toolbar layout
  • Ability to search using MSD, RCSB, PDBj or OCA resources.
  • Choice of RCSB and OCA mirrors for faster searching.
  • Search by Author, Keyword, Ligand, PDB IDcode, Source, Medline and SwissProt IDs and more.
  • Retrieve EDS summary information for PDB IDcodes.
  • Comprehensive help and instructions on uninstalling MSDbar.

wmlbrowser — v0.4.1

Browse WML pages in Mozilla/Firebird

wmlbrowser 0.4.1 has been released. This brings the installable package up to date with the attachments to bug 35995 and fixes one outstanding problem with resolving relative links.

Mouse Gestures — v0.4preview 20031118

(Elegantly control your browser by drawing gestures)

The Optimoz team has released a new nightly build of its popular Mouse Gestures extension for Mozilla 1.x/Firebird.

Changes include:

  • Supports right mouse button gestures on Linux
  • Allows easy gesture sharing: Import gesture mappings just by clicking special links on webpages, or publish your own!
  • Fixed a bug where all gestures were unknown for fresh installs
  • Fixed problems between the close tab gesture and plugins/applets

... and other minor fixes and improvements.

An initial gesture sharing page was set up on mozdev. All users are invited to post their custom functions there.

MozWho — v0.3.9.1

(Bookmark Portal)

A small version increment but significant updates! Bookmark search, featuring links back to the containing categories, now triggers a new URL, allowing bookmarking and back/forward operations. You can also use a bookmark keyword and the %s technique to create a URL shortcut for bookmark search.

This release also features a separate function for serializing bookmarks to RDF in hopes of bootstrapping RDF work outside of Mozilla.

The project weblog covers technical travails as well as the latest in research and innovations in personal information management. Check out a recent O'Reilly weblog post about MozWho for more about the project.

MozManual — Draft0.8

(A manual for first time users — a brief overview and feature guide)

Draft 0.8 is essentially the final version — remaining changes will be additional required error corrections, and internal hyperlinking (bookmarks) in the PDF version. All source materials (StarOffice text and drawing files, and related graphics files) are now posted to the project source page. I have also included a "reviewer's guide" to address FAQs and similar issues. I would like to note that I received numerous helpful comments, corrections, and suggestions from reviewers in the Mozilla community — many thanks! Target date for final 1.0 version is Dec. 31, 2003 or sooner.

URLFix — v0.1.0.3

(Fixes a URL typed using wrong keyboard layout)

The IP address bug has been fixed.

ConQuery — v0.4a

(Query web services via context menu of the browser)

ConQuery is an extension for Mozilla/Firebird which allows to query web services via context menu of the browser. Queries can contain special variables to be passed to CGIs.

These variables are:

  • Selected text
  • Page URL
  • Host where page comes from
  • Prompt for text input before query

Dec 4 2003: ConQuery 0.4a released with new features:

  • Working on own Mycroft-like plugins
  • Support for lists of values in queries: hold Ctrl while executing query to bring config dialog
  • Selective installation of plugins: load plugins from any directory and install only desired

Xprint — v009prototype

(Enables X11 applications — such as Mozilla/Firebird/Thunderbird/Eclipse etc. — to use devices like printers, FAX or create documents in formats like PostScript, PDF, PCL, etc.)

28 November 2003: Xprint released 009 experimental prototype.

New Features:

  • an all-new font download engine for the PostScript DDX which can download TrueType/OpenType/PS Type42/PS Type 1 fonts to any PostScript Level 2/3 printer as smoothed+optimised outline data
  • better support for CUPS
  • PDF output

See and for further infomation.

Moji — v0.5

(Helping foreigners learn the Japanese language)

Moji is a Mozilla Firebird extension to help foreigners learning Japanese language. It features a fast access to, and an integrated kanji dictionary in English, French and German in a sidebar.

Version 0.5 introduces a Japanese to English dictionary based on edict.


(Software to help in Mozilla based apps L10N)

L10NZilla is a combination of an MySQL database containing translations from Mozilla applications' localisations with a PHP based front end for translating and editing texts and a Java command line program for auto translation and generation of new JAR files for inclusion in language packs.

A first version from this project is now available from CVS. The release supports the basic functionality required to archive, edit, produce and build statistics from translations of any Mozilla based application. It might have a few problems and some nice yet to be implemented features, but in the meantime we welcome any feedback.

Eduardo (eo-EO) Dewi. (cy-GB)

StumbleUpon — v1.9

(A toolbar to find and share great web sites)

Version 1.9 has been released. Included are bugfixes, keyboard shortcuts for stumbling and rating, descriptive text for all buttons, and some code cleanup. This is the first release to have its CVS hosted on mozdev.

easyGestures — v2.3.0

(Adds UI with mouse gestures and customizable actions)

easyGestures is getting better. Many improvements have been made.

Notable Highlights

  • Added 3 new major functionalities
  • Added 8 new actions
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs
  • Changed uninstall code

Don't hesitate to send me suggestions.

DictionarySearch — v0.1

(Looks up selected (English) word in an online dictionary)

DictionarySearch provides a very easy way to lookup an english word on a webpage in Simply select the word of which you want to know the meaning. Then right click and select "Dictionary Search for...". A new tab will open with the meaning of the word you selected.

ReloadEvery — v0.1

(Automatically reload webpages every so many seconds or minutes)

The ReloadEvery extension adds an option to the context menu (the menu you obtain by right clicking on the webpage you're currently viewing) to reload every so many seconds or minutes the web page you are viewing.

This can be handy if you have a page with for example sports scores, news or stock quotes and want to reload them automatically.

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