Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 24th November 2003

Present: mscott, mitchell, gerv, bart, leaf, scc, dbaron, asa, brendan, chofmann.


  • Two kinds of website cleanup.
  • Programmatically finding and fixing dead links
  • Website drivers meeting next week to prioritize
  • Brian Jenkins can help with toplevel stuff
  • Asa and Simon working on QA docs


  • Today, according to As
  • Working on docs and last-minute once-over

1.6 beta update

  • Needs attention.

Thunderbird update

  • 0.4 looking good for syncing with 1.6 beta.
  • Leaf to find machines for thunderbird tinderboxes and builds, hopefully this week

Localised packs/builds on CD

  • Bart has a list of 5 localizations we want
  • Asa to figure out what needs to happen for QA here

Points of contact for questions

  • e.g. this editor at O'Reilly
  • Permanent contacts: Bart for general questions, leaf or asa for feature specifics.

CVS over SSH update

  • Talked to roc — it works fine
  • Checked our resources at SourceForge
  • scc is in touch with Jacob Moorman at SF
  • SF has really good docs
  • Don't know whether crypto load is an issue
  • Needs a human being to manage keys and build accounts

Relicensing update

  • All permissions obtained, thanks to chofmann
  • putting finishing touches to script
  • Big push in the 1.7a timeframe (i.e. next time checkins are unrestricted)

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