Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 17th November 2003

Present: leaf, myk, brendan, mitchell, bart, asa, dbaron, blizzard, ben, scott, scc, gerv.

Releases update

  • We freeze on Tuesday night for 1.6 beta.
  • Asa will be posting regular release updates to n.p.m.seamonkey starting this week.
  • Drivers will be tweaking the lengths of the freezes to reflect something closer to the experience of the last few milestones.
  • 1.6 beta may be accompanied by Thunderbird 0.4

Localised builds

  • Original idea was a second 1.5 CD with language packs
  • Now want to get localised versions for 1.6 final
  • blizzard is working on an auto-localisation tool
  • Need to figure out which languages we care about
  • Need to determine whether we will ship available language packs on the original release CD or on an update a few days/weeks later.
  • Do we ship full builds or just language packs? Leaning towards packs rather than builds.

New website

  • Technical maintenance and development requires some time
  • dbaron might spend three hours on the CSS
  • myk could work on back-end scripting and automation

Thunderbird tinderboxes

  • leaf says next week

CVS over SSH

  • Worth looking into again, after the Linux incident
  • Sourceforge do it; talk to someone there
  • roc would know how hard it is to use once it's set up
  • scc will try and sort this out

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