Open XUL Alliance Launches Wiki Wiki

The XUL Alliance site now sports a Wiki Wiki.

To get the Xul Alliance Wiki Wiki off the ground I've created about a dozen Wiki pages. For now the line-up includes:

  • XulEvents — Upcoming Live Xul Events
  • XulArticles — New Xul Articles
  • XulMotors — New Xul Motors/Runtimes/Browsers
  • XulIdes — New Xul IDEs/Dev Studios
  • XulLinks — New Xul Links
  • XulPeople — Who's Who on Planet Xul
  • XulWikiContributors — Xul Alliance Wiki Contributor Hall Of Fame
  • MozillaXulBlogger — Bloggers Talk About Mozilla XUL
  • OpenXulBlogger — Bloggers Talk About Open XUL
  • MacromediaXulBlogger — Macromedia Employees Talk About Macromedia XUL (Flex MXML)
  • MicrosoftXulBlogger — Microsoft Employees Talk About Microsoft XUL (Avalon XAML)

You can find the XUL Alliance Wiki Wiki @

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