Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 10th November 2003

Present: asa, leaf, mitchell, brendan, ben, dbaron, bart, scott, myk, chofmann, dawn, gerv.

Releases update

  • Not much said

How much driving time for a release?

  • 1 week in beta of actual bug driving, make initial list 4 days before
  • So 10 days of activity with 7 of daily bug triage
  • Alpha is a couple of days shorter
  • Final is someone looking at noms/approvs for a full cycle
  • In total, more than 50% of the time is spent in this mode
  • Is this too much or too little?
  • We are trying to free up more of Asa's time to do community building

New roadmap update

  • Asa has an operational update to make

New website

  • Get together today and figure out if it's ready to go
  • bart has commented the fonts are now too large
  • The current size is 1 size larger than 95% of other websites
  • drivers group for the website
  • Need to document who these drivers are:
  • Drivers need to review the list of outstanding website bugs regularly
  • Make decisions on website formatting and structural changes
  • Dawn to set up website-drivers alias
  • Dawn to build the project homepage
  • Need the raw materials for the new fonts and logos from David Shea addresses in important docs

  • Incremental changes
  • rpotts to be removed
  • See who knows the person
  • Look at Bugzilla accounts for activity
  • Gerv to deal

bz's suggestion about flag policy at release time

  • This has been discussed on drivers

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