Independent Status Reports

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.


(Win32 Graphite and Mozilla intergration)

By Frank Tang


(Lecture guides for kanji in Japanese web pages)

By Erwan Loisant

Moji is a Mozilla Firebird extension to help Japanese language learners to read pages in Japanese. Version 0.2 has been recently released, coming with a Kanji dictionary currently working only for Unix-based systems.

Select a character in current page, click "Lookup" and a detailed description will appear in the sidebar.

Users from any systems can still enjoy the quick access to and now to in the toolbar.

MAB (Mozilla Amazon Browser)

(A tool for searching the Amazon catalog)

By Fabio Serra

MAB (Mozilla Amazon Browser) is a tool for searching the Amazon catalogs and browsing their products. MAB currently supports,, and The new features in this last release (1.1) are:

  • More product information as the tracks list when browsing in the music catalog
  • Export the result list in XML
  • Delete single rows from the result lists
  • Go directly to Google for searching info about the item selected
  • Added an icons toolbar

MAB 1.1 has been tested with Mozilla 1.2+ and Firebird 0.7.

Firebird Help

(Help Extension until finalized for actual build)

By R.J. Keller

Firebird Help 0.4.1 was released. This new release contains general bug fixes to the Help Viewer, documentation fixes, and support for Firebird 0.7. Also, Firebird Help 0.7 can be built on the trunk without any issues.

Support for the Thunderbird Help Viewer was added recently to the CVS version of Firebird Help.

Although we've got a small amount of documentation up, the documentation isn't even close to covering all of Thunderbird.

If you are interested in writing some new documentation for the first release of Thunderbird Help, send email to and we'll help get you started.


(GUI interface to view & edit all Mozilla prefs)

By GuruJ

Preferential 0.6 has finally been released! Changes for 0.6 include:

  • Over 650 preferences documented! Many thanks to Mike C and all other contributors.
  • Implemented 'proper' progress meter.
  • Implemented wildcarding of preferences to allow documentation of preferences even when generated by the user.

XUL Channels

(An on-line RSS aggregator)

By Tim Broddin

XUL Channels stopped working yesterday. It used too many MySQL queries. My hosting company politely told me that either I had to drastically cut down on queries or I had to move to a (semi) dedicated account.

Because of this, I am stopping the XUL Channels project as we knew it. I will release the source code very soon under the GPL license.

Here, on this domain, I will soon start developing the next generation of XUL Channels which will be more of a general semantic information portal built using XUL. I am still thinking about the whole concept but it will be something where content and presentation is seperated by plugins on a per user base. Think of it as a very weird RSS reader...

More soon (I hope).


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