Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 3rd November 2003

Present: gerv, myk, asa, chofmann, mitchell, brendan, blizzard, scc, hecker.

Mozilla 1.5.1

  • This will be a Mac-only release to fix downloading brokenness
  • We knew about this problem but it fell off the radar because it's 10.1 only
  • It would be really good to find people who care about older revs. like Win95 and OS X 10.1, to do QA on them regularly

New roadmap status update

  • break it into various different documents so we can update it piecemeal
  • Brendan has been ill recently
  • Brendan is going to send out a draft, and work on it this week

Mozilla 1.6 update

  • 1.6 alpha is out of the door
  • 1.5 is now at the front in terms of start page hits, which is good
  • Big dropoff in takeup of releases measured by start page hits (60,000 after 2 days -> 10,000 after 2 days). May be due to new website redesign, which has news in a less prominent place
  • We need to figure out how to fix this, whatever the cause

Mirrors and FTP

  • Some trouble with 1.5; need to fix the system by 1.6
  • Myk to work on a monitoring script

Website beta status

  • Still issues about font sizes (design is a touch Windows-centric)

Other stuff

  • Gerv to get calling cards for dialling himself into staff meetings

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