Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 27th October 2003

Present: mitchell, dbaron, blizzard, scc, bart, brendan, dawn, ben, myk, leaf.

1.5.1 Release

  • Should respin mac builds for Bug 217121, which has been fixed.
  • localeVersion needs to remain the same as for 1.5, so localizations will work (leaf)
  • Should be able to release this week.

1.6a Release

  • Issues with windows release build creation, could delay release a day or two.
  • Final (?) fixes going in today, should allow for candidate creation tomorrow and release to follow.

Website Update

  • dbaron, dawn making excellent progress on buglist.
  • Meeting tomorrow with primary parties to finalize bugs to finish before release. (dbaron, bart, dawn, ben, chofmann)


  • Re-master 1.5 CD, including localizations when we get them and 1.5.1 mac.
  • Timetable depends on localizations; guess is 2 weeks.


  • Localizations ought to be automatically produced when possible (leaf to investigate)
  • Leaf to talk with Andreas about getting localized bits when automated builds not possible.
  • localeVersion shouldn't be tied to milestone version, for cases like beta->final (leaf filed bug 223884)

Download logs

  • Myk has made some progress gathering data, still blocked on getting access logs from mirrors.


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