Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 13th October 2003

1.5 Final update

  • Bits are staged and ready for pushing (leaf)
  • Release notes need tweaking, but are by and large done and ready for pushing. (asa/leaf)

Mozilla Firebird 0.7 update

  • Bits ready for pushing, release notes need touch up (bengoodger?)

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3 update

  • Bits ready for pushing (mscott)

CD progress

  • CDs are being made, and orders can be taken as early as wednesday, with shipping on thursday or friday.

New website progress

  • Staff feedback to Raphael/Bart being incorporated into new design.
  • Ben Goodger to take ownership of the front page design for the nonce.
  • Current draft is at:

Roadmap update

  • ETA Wednesday in time for the website change/announcement.

Have all the jobs Asa would have done been picked up?

  • Asa is on vacation
  • He has smoketested the bits in question for release, and furnished mostly completed release notes. Leaf will push them at the appropriate time, in addition to doublechecking that any outdated information is corrected.

FTP mirror network

  • Chofmann noticed slowness, Myk will request that ftp mirrors post an identifying string at the top of ftp/http directories, to help identify slow hosts in the round-robin.
  • Access to download logs is being worked on by the networks; past information will be acquired, in addition to a logging scheme going forward. (Myk)


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