Trunk Freezes for Mozilla 1.6 Alpha Tonight

Asa Dotzler wrote:

Tuesday night at midnight the tree freezes for Mozilla 1.6a. See for more of the schedule.

If you know of bugs that should block this alpha release, please use the "blocking1.6a?" bug flag to nominate them. If consider the bug an alpha blocker then they will change the flag to "blocking1.6a+". If drivers decline to hold the release for the bug(fix), it will be changed to "blocking1.6a-".


The tree closes tonight at midnight PDT for Mozilla 1.6 Alpha. For a few days, while we get 1.6a in shipping shape, you will need to get drivers' approval for any changes that you want to land.

To request approval for a fully reviewed patch, set the patch flag "approval1.6a?" and drivers will evaluate the fix for inclusion in 1.6a. If it's approved, the ? will be changed to a +. If it's denied, the ? will be changed to a -.

As mentioned in the earlier post, if you think a bug should block the release, please set the blocking1.6a? bug flag so drivers know to evaluate it as a release blocker. If a blocker bug (noted by drivers setting the blocking1.6+ bug flag) is on your list, please help us get the tree open quickly for 1.6b by making it a priority or working with drivers to get it assigned to someone who will.

We hope to only be locked down for a short period. Being careful with your changes today will help in that goal. Keep your eye on npm.seamonkey and the tinderbox page for updates on the freeze and release.


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