First Anniversary of Mozilla Firebird Help

On October 15th, 2002, Phoenix Help took its first flight over the seas of the Internet. What started out as a simple FAQ, Tips & Tricks, and Keyboard Shortcut list quickly exceeded all expectations, becoming extremely popular with the browser's users and linked to from numerous other sites around the world. Today, this site is the primary end-user resource for support, themes, and extensions for the Mozilla Firebird browser, with nearly two million page hits every month.

Today we celebrate the site's very first anniversary with a fresh new look and an option to switch between the two style sheets at the bottom of the page.

This past year has seen many changes on the site, including being renamed several times, from Phoenix Help to Phallus Help, to Firebird™ Help, to Mozilla Firebird Help, and finally to simply Mozilla Firebird. Most users still affectionately refer to these pages as Firebird Help, however, keeping its history alive. Other major changes can be found in the Anniversary History Timeline section.

I would like to thank the Mozilla community for the ideas, tips, comments, suggestions, help, and support in the making of this website. It wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you!

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