Independent Status Reports

I've been compiling these status reports for a little over two years now. I've enjoyed helping to promote all of the great things people have been creating with Mozilla, but due to time constraints I have decided that I need to hand these reports off. Brian King has been generous enough to agree to take things over starting with the next report. If anyone has an update they would like to include in the next report, please email them to Brian.

QuickManager Update

(Install and Manage Extensions and Themes)

By Biju G C

The QuickManager project aims to develop a tool to easily install and manage extensions and themes on Mozilla products. Current version allows to install extensions and themes in Thunderbird. Take a look at the screenshots for some examples.

Quote Colors Update

(Quote level colors extension for Thunderbird)

By Malte Ruecker

Quote Colors is a small extension for Thunderbird that lets you configure text and background colors for different quote levels (used when viewing messages). You can also define the colors and width of the vertical lines used in graphical quoting (HTML). More information, user guide and download at the Quote Colors project site.

Sardine Update

(An active content customization agent)

By Edward Dore

The Sardine project is now under new managment and is once again being activly worked on. For more information please see the Sardine web site which I am working on updating (it's currently completely busted! I haven't quite figured CVS out yet.)

Jazilla Update

(Java based version of Mozilla)

By Mathew McBride

Two new builds of Jazilla with greatly improved CSS support have been released this week. You can read about it here (in this one I also reveal the easter egg that's been in Jazilla since Milestone 2 Beta) and here.

CSS is not the only thing being rewritten at the moment. I intend to refactor the Tag classes so we can have a better DOM Implementation than document.getElementById(). In fact, I intend to make it either almost the same or better than the one found in Internet Explorer. (But the way Mozilla behaves in regards to parsing is different to most Java XML/HTML parsers, as Mozilla tends to create empty text nodes a lot, is going to cause compatibility problems. IE also tends to have a wierd implementation for <element>.attributes.item(x).)

In regards to the Eolas fiasco, Jazilla is not affected. We do have an <object> tag implementation, but it's not functional.

HONcode Update

(Collection of Mozilla/Netscape plugins for HON)

By Thierry Raguin

HONcode Status v1.0 and HONlookup v1.0 have been released for Mozilla/Firebird/Netscape. Both plugins now include an uninstaller (based on the uninstaller used in the QuickNote extension). These should be the final versions of the plugins. It is recommended to manually uninstall previous versions before installing these new versions. Installer has also been improved and now asks if you want to install the extension in your personal chrome directory or in the global one.

Mozedit Update

(Advanced text editor with web development features)

By Mark Bokil

The next release of Mozedit 1.1 will happen at the end of October. The editor is moving towards becoming an IDE for web development and advanced text editing. A slew of new features have been added: tabbed UI bar; executable command bar; JS functions list sidebar; customizable background colors; Emacs/KEDIT style editing shortcuts; edit in window, tab, or sidebar Firebird menu options; timed browser refresh; pass-thru web server preview; and the ability to show/hide all UI components. I have posted a screenshot of the latest nightly build.

Camino Update

(Cocoa/Mac OS X Mozilla browser project)

By Simon Woodside

The Mac OS X Camino project, an official project, has fully restored service to the mailing list via the web. You may find information about the Camino discussion list, join, and view the archives, by visiting our page at

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