MozillaZine Moving Servers Next Wednesday

On Wednesday, October 8, as part of's transition to the Mozilla Foundation, the download site will move to a new network of mirror servers. When that happens, the directory structure of the FTP download site ( will change to integrate with the structure on the mirrors, which also host other projects.

Every directory currently located under the /pub directory will be moved to /pub/ For example, will move to

This change will break existing FTP links, which will need to be updated to point to the new locations of the resources. Note that the structure of the HTTP version of the download site ( will not change, and http:// links do not need to be updated.

To test these changes, we've set up a new domain name pointing to the new servers, Please use this domain name as much as possible in the next week via the following links:

If you notice any problems, report them by filing a bug.


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