Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 22nd September 2003

Present: asa, chofmann, mitchell, gerv, blizzard, bart, dbaron, endico, brendan, myk, scc.

1.5 Final update

  • Half a dozen bugs left
  • RC2 sometime this week; planned for Thursday
  • Nothing on the list which is a regression over 1.4 — which is good

1.4.1 update

  • It's done.
  • There's a problem with Talkback on Linux — needs repackaging
  • All builds need to be repointed at our new talkback server
  • We may hold 1.4.1 for a couple of extra days to get it on new FTP system, as a load test
  • We can tag it early so distributors can pull it ASAP


  • We are working on making this happen
  • We have set up a DNS name to receive reports
  • We need to set up a Talkback server (NT and Solaris)
  • We may need to buy NT licenses
  • Do we have copies of all the script glue the build/TB team are using?


  • Asa: things look really good re: the last release
  • mscott is currently on vacation

September 30th deadline

  • Transition team stop being employed by AOL
  • A lot of work to do in the next week, but it can happen
  • The deadline shouldn't be any trouble


  • To be updated shortly by brendan
  • Lots to say :-)

Mozilla Foundation employees mailing list


  • We need a better way of contributing localisations
  • Localised versions of the homepage would be good in the long run
  • Blizzard has an idea and code for a database-backed localisation service
  • mkaply wants to contribute IBM's localisations
  • Chris is going to go off and work on this

Mail and Web moving

  • Dawn wants to move over the email and website services
  • Newsgroups may stop being whitelisted, which would be bad
  • Used to be a really broad whitelist — Bugzilla accounts, anyone who ever subscribed to a mailing list
  • Dawn is going to investigate the whitelisting capabilities of the new software

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